Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bye bye November

This are random photos of things that happened in November. My mom visited me and there was, of course, a lot of sightseeing in Buenos Aires, a delicious breakfast in Oui Oui, Punta del Este minitrip, Ale and Ceci working, Marilyn and Axl in San Telmo, a beer called like me, and a book I bought after reading Hila's post. Overall it was a good month. Hope December will be better though.

The bench photo was taken by Ale and the last one by Ceci :)

Sunday, November 27, 2011


In the middle of a really hot, and therefore unbearable, week, I can't help but wonder how's my favorite city looking this time of year.

This are random photos from my summer there. I still have tons, you'll get to see them here, even if they are out of season :)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Dream a little dream of Christmas

Click on the photo to see my last Treasury List that is basically random stuff I fancy for Christmas. Click HERE to visit my Etsy Shop. I'll be open until Dec. 13 :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Piriápolis I

Exactly one week ago I was wondering around Piriápolis in Uruguay. A little city near Punta del Este on the coast of Río de la Plata. On the photos you can see a little bit of the seaside and the Argentino Hotel. Between the years 1920 and 1930 that hotel was one of the biggest hotels of South America. Now, due to the declined popularity of Piriápolis as a resort and the lack of proper maintenance the luxurious hotel would fit perfectly as location of a summer version of The Shinning.


Hace justamente una semana estaba paseando por Piriápolis en Uruguay, una pequeña ciudad cerca de Punta del Este en la costa del Río de la Plata. En las fotos pueden ver un poco de la costa y el Hotel Argentino. Entre los años 1920 y 1930 ese hotel fue uno de los más grandes de Suramérica. Ahora, por el descenso de popularidad de Piriápolis como balneario y por la falta de mantenimiento las instalaciones de tan lujoso hotel quedarían perfectas como una locación para una versión de verano de The Shinning.

Monday, November 21, 2011

My Own Private Mercury Retrograde

This last couple of days had been really uneasy. My printer broke the exact instant I had to print some important stuff. I got a whole bunch of clothes damaged because of some stupid short that painted all black. Decided to uninstall the Whatsapp to update it and I never could download it again. Went to a bookstore to return a book... and forgot the book at home! None of this things qualifies as a big tragedy obviously, but just a bunch of annoying little ones.

Is someone, somewhere, trying to tell me something or am I just REALLY distracted? Where's my mind? I guess we all go thru stages like this one, right? Did this ever happen to you?

The Future

Yesterday I saw Miranda July's The Future and I think I liked it. True to her peculiar and too-cool-for-school way of telling stories this movie was somehow magic and complex at the same time. At the end of the movie I really didn't know how to feel. I can only compare it to the end of a psychotherapy session. Mixed feelings of confusion, relieve and lots of new questions popping into my head. Nevertheless I recommend it. Even if you ended up hating it. Why not?

Here's a scene that didn't make it to the final cut of the movie to which I can relate completely.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Arrivals and Departures

My mom's visit to Buenos Aires ended a couple of hours ago :( I'm gonna miss her a lot, we had a great time. Now I can/must start dieting... again. I've been eating a lot. Delicious meals, no doubt about that, but my body needs some fasting.

This week we went to Punta del Este for a mini-break within her mini-break. This are some images of that lovely trip. As a soundtrack a song of Feist I've been listening in my head a lot recently.

Happy Friday everyone! x

Sunday, November 13, 2011

My Weekend

Lots of walking around Buenos Aires with my mom that is visiting me. Good news in a mail. Sold a t-shirt via my Etsy Shop to Warszawa, Poland (how exciting is that?). And ran 10K :)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Carlos Cruz-Diez


No Venezuelan artist has studied the color as Carlos Cruz-Diez. He is some sort of genius that made vital contributions to a theory and practice of color within kinetic art. I've just had the chance to see the exhibition of his life-time work in the Malba in Buenos Aires and being Venezuelan it moved me a lot. I'm used to his art. I used to see Cruz-Diez pieces in the streets of Caracas when I was growing up.

This exhibition called Carlos Cruz-Diez: Color in Space and Time, was originally curated by the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston and is going to be in Buenos Aires until March next year. Probably it will travel the world afterwards, so if you happen to bump into it, don't miss it!


Ningún artista venezolano ha hecho un estudio tan exhaustivo del color como Carlos Cruz-Diez. Al ver sus obras es imposible no darse cuenta de las vitales contribuciones que este genio le hizo a la teoría y práctica del color dentro del arte cinético. Hace un par de días tuve el chance de ver una exposición de su trabajo en el Malba en Buenos Aires y me movió mucho encontrarme con su obra porque este es el arte con el que crecí, el que veía en las calles de Caracas cuando era pequeña, el que me despide en el aeropuerto cuando me voy.

La exhibición se llama Carlos Cruz-Diez: El color en el espacio y en el tiempo, y fue originalmente curada por el Museum of Fine Arts de Houston. Va a estar en Buenos Aires hasta marzo y luego, me imagino, que cotinuará su recorrido en otros museos del mundo, así que si por casualidad llega a su museo local, por favor no se la pierdan.

PS. This is a nice post for 11/11/11 don't you think?