Saturday, June 30, 2012

This past Thursday I had a very important appointment, and now I'm waiting fingers-crossed for a positive answer. I'll let you know when I know. Anyway, this is how the day looked around Recoleta neighborhood. A truly gray, rainy, winter day.

I love the architecture around Recoleta. I like those old French looking houses, and the way some of them got stucked between two (relatively) new apartment buildings. That's very Buenos Aires.

Since Thursday I have an awful cold so I'll be sneezing and drinking chicken soup, the rest of you go on and have a lovely weekend!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Of Maps and Totes



I love maps. I really, really do. My first grown-up job was in a dull office and one of the things I remember fondly was the DHL's map that I stared to everyday looking/picking a new imaginary destination for an imaginary trip. I that map I discovered some places I didn't know existed, like the Sandwich Islands.


My friends V & O got married a week ago in London. Their wedding was really awesome and included a boat trip, a ninja band and a picnic. I couldn't attend but they asked me to design the wedding souvenirs and I was truly happy because it was the first time outside of school (where I used to draw the maps of that country formerly known as Venezuela) that I get to draw/imagine/create a map. They post the map on their web and printed a simplified version on canvas totes.


Mr. Phill, also a friend of V & O, was the photographer at their wedding and he took the photos that you see in this post, along with some other awesome wedding pics. He also wrote on his blog a really nice story about the whole day. Have a look at his page and his blog, you'll enjoy it :)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Images belong to the 25-26 of June weekend, a year ago. Saturday morning I visited The Book Club and attended an Open Day at beautiful Goldsmiths University. In the afternoon, took a train to Castle Cary and traveled to wonderful/legendary/overwhelming Glastonbury Festival (photos here), expend there one night and one day and went back to London on Sunday night. Those were some really hectic 48 hours. I really going to miss British summer festivals this year!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

As warned I'm in the retro-post mood. So this is what happened one year ago: I walked around the Southbank*, visited the Tate Modern and had several trouble with the focus of my camera (yes, even before I started drinking).

* In the webpage you can see right now the Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela playing in the Southbank Centre this past Saturday. It is truly beautiful, worth having a look.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Belle Miss / Merde
Paris, 2011.

It's Friday, and it's sunny and warm here. A really nice start to the winter. Hope you have a lot of nice plans for the weekend. On my side, tomorrow I am going to see my friend Daniela Spalla singing in Ultra Bar, it you happen to be in Buenos Aires, you should come along, she will be singing new songs from her upcoming album! If you want a quick taste, you can listen this song that is one of my favorites :)

Happy Friday everyone! x

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Six Months

The world is ending, smile :)

For those of you who don't know me, I must say that the idea of the world ending this next December fascinates me. Whether you believe in the Mayan prophecies or not, the human kind its been waiting for this moment for thousands of years, and at the end (pun intended) we are the ones that will see what is going to happen. If anything happens at all of course. That's something special, innit?

Some would say that all of this is about a change in the world that is already happening, and I totally agree, but I'm not talking about that, I'm interested in the existence of an expiration date and how we are reacting to it, from the most skeptical to the Harold Camping followers.

I've been keeping a 2012 Tumblr, with articles from magazines and newspapers, some very scientific, other just crazy like the Doomsday Dating Site or the Top 5 End of the World Destinations. Also two years ago I made an end-related t-shit collection (in the photo my friend Cristina is wearing one). And this last December I made a beginning-related tote. After every end, there's always a new beginning. Or so they say. They also say the world might end in exactly six months, smile :)


PS: I've found out today that this next 21 of December is called: TEOTWAWKI, short for "the end of the world as we know it". Go figure.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

More Paris


Juillet, 2011.

Today is a holiday here. Flag Day. Happy Wednesday :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Space Invaders in Paris

The first truly Parisian thing I saw in Paris the last time I travel there, in the summer of 2011, was a Space Invader. It appeared to be rather new and it was shining right in front of my eyes while I was having a beer and waiting for my friend Danielle to scape from work and meet me (first pic, Rue Cambronne, right in front of Danielle's house. BTW, that sushi restaurant there, Okirama, was ace!).

During my brief trip then, Danielle and I devoted ourselves to spot the invaders on the streets. There's over a thousand in Paris, and the invasion keep growing. These are the photos of some of the invaders we saw. Almost every street is identified :)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

This weekend I barely leave the house. I tried really hard to work, but failed almost miserably (I did get something done, like a 17%). While trying and failing today though, I listened to a very awesome selection of punk (and its close cousins) in a BBC6 Music special. One of the programs I heard was called A punk tale of two cities and it's brilliant. Loads of information and great tunes. You can listening by clicking the link.

Photo was taken exactly a year ago at my friend Lorena's ex flat (the next two months probably are going to be unbearably retro, I warn you), it is slightly out of focus, but I like it. Hope you all have had a happy weekend.

PS. I've 'refreshed' the design of my blog, do you like it?

Las Rayas

This is the jacket of the new book of Rodrigo Blanco Calderón, Las Rayas, soon to be published. The cover photo is mine... yay! It's my first photo to be published, hopefully not the last. I'll let you know more about the book when I know more. I want to read it asap!

Esta es la portada del nuevo libro de Rodrigo Blanco Calderón, Las Rayas, que está por ser publicado. La foto de la tapa es mía... ¡yei! Es mi primera foto en ser publicada, esperemos que no sea la última. Les haré saber más acerca del libro, lanzamiento, bautizo, y esas cosas, en cuanto sepa más. ¡Quiero leerlo ya! :)

PS: I was updating my blog design and adding some more tags and apparently I republished this post. It seems that if I delete it, its going to disappear altogether from my blog, so I'm not going to. Well, I didn't mean to, but here it is again: Las Rayas :)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

These last couple of weeks the weather its been very peculiar over here. Really cloudy, grey and altogether discouraging in the mornings, and then right before sunset some spectacular sun rays shine with a very warm, lovely light, for like 30 minutes tops. As my friend Túlio would say: there is hope.

Some random discoveries/links:

- A video made for Canal Digital in Norway called "The Man Who Lived in a Film". It is inspiring (for us working in TV) to see how the same old idea can be redone in a very simple, funny and brilliant way. (I found it via The Inspiration).

- Notes on Metamodernism a webzine recommended (and edited) by Hila. Very, very interesting.

- No need of explanation for The Skartorialist, right?

- Finally, after I send a magnetic calendar to Norway (first time one of my Objetitos goes to Norway, at least that I know of), I relisted it on my Etsy Shop.

 Photos were taken in NYC, back in 2007. It's been so long since the last time I travel to NY, I kind of miss it, and the city is calling now. Can you hear it?