Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Few photos of the one day of sun in London (yesterday) I spent with my uncle, who was visiting London since Friday. I love that I got to have a mini-local-holiday, doing the kind of things I never do in the city.

Yesterday plan included very random touristic stuff during the day: St. Paul's Cathedral, Barbican Centre, that looked specially fantastic, Baker Street/Sherlock Holmes stuff. And some very necessary pub crawling in the evening. All in all an excellent day :)

Friday, June 21, 2013

Six Months Later: Archeology

Six months ago, the world supposed to end. It didn't.

We celebrate today in the premiere of Archeology. The first movie that comes out of the collaborative project I've been working with since November.

For a month and a half (before the end of the world) we recorded 60'' videos that were uploaded to the cloud immediately after, so we can show the future generations, or the aliens, how did our world looked like.

This is an ongoing project, so we keep recording and we invite you to get involved too!

The movie will be available online in Archeology Project for a week, as well as all the last year's videos and the ones that are being upload right now: the collective memory.

Do. Get. Involved!

This can be amazing :)


PS. In the 2nd photo you can see my amazing friend Marie James, the mind (heart and soul) behind this whole project. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

CSM Degree Shows Round II


In a bit I'm heading to my uni, Central Saint Martins, to have a look at the second round of the Degree Shows 2013. In the photos you can see the space created by the MA Narrative Environments, a bit of MA Innovation Management (my course) and the lovely lights from BA Architecture, I got a glipmse of everything before leaving school yesterday.

I will share more with you soon, and if you're in London. Go ahead and visit Uni. The shows are on until Sunday and I can assure that you won't be disappointed. All I've seen so far is very interesting and inspiring.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Brighton, again

Some blue and sea and sun for another grey Monday morning. These are some photos from Brighton (35mm / LC-A+) taken back in December. I can't wait to go back there during the summer (if there's summer at all this year!). I miss the sea so much.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

This photo is El Ávila, Caracas's emblematic mountain that breaths life into every inhabitant of the city on a daily -very necessary- basis. I post it because I'd love to be in sunny Caracas today to celebrate my mum's birthday :)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Outsider Art at the Wellcome Collection

M.K. Lady with Hole.
(Wellcome Collection image) 

Takanari Nitta Untitlted. Collection of the artist. Photograph © Satoshi Takaishi
(taken from Culture Critic).

Koichi Fujino, Squid.
(Wellcome Collection image)

 Takako Shibata, Mother.
(Wellcome Collection image)

Saiko Kono's dolls.
(Wellcome Collection image)

In a previous post I said something about a workshop I was going to participate in the Wellcome Trust. That happened last Thursday and it was very interesting as we analyzed the digital experience of an exhibition versus the material one, visiting (in both ways) its current Souzou: Outsider Art from Japan exhibition, that is beautiful, surprising and moving. 'Souzou' is a word that, as the curator explains, 'has no direct translation in English but a dual meaning in Japanese: written in one way – 創造 – it means creation and in another – 想像 – imagination'.

Outsider art, as we discussed, is usually not exhibited as "mainstream" art, this was one of the points of discussion (the meaning of things and its representations). People usually interact with the pieces, touch them, play with them. However this time, they wanted precisely the opposite and so in the exhibition all the artwork is exhibited making emphasis in their art status rather than in the outsider one. This exhibition shows the pieces of 46 self-taught artists grouped in 6 different areas: language, making, representation, relationships, culture and possibility.

Some of the pieces I really like, for different reasons were: Takao Uenish's Mountains and PET bottles; Takahiro Shimoda's pyjamas; Satoshi Nishikawa's Apple of rabbits; Koichi Fujino's Octopus!, Saiko Kono's lovely dolls (last photo); and the massive drawings of Norimitsu Kokubo, who is the youngest of the artists exhibited. You can appreciate the dimension of one of his artworks in this timelapse of the installation.

The Wellcome Collection always manage to make me want to share something here, the one they make about Death was glorious. So, if you happen to be in London, please go and see this incredible exhibition, that it is also the last major exhibition that will be held before the building 'a victim of its own success' is torn apart to create new display and public spaces. 'It opened five years ago expecting around 100,000 visitors a year, but has been attracting five times as many' The Guardian.

If you're not in London, you can have a look in the Wellcome Collection website and read some articles in The Guardian, The Independent, Culture Critic and Art Wednesday.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Lisbon in Film

One of the first photos I took with my LC-A back in December. Some slightly (or completely) out of focus ;)

Lisbon in winter was lovely and not cold, definitely better than London in spring, weather-wise at least. Hope I get the chance to visit when is properly sunny and warm.

Happy Friday everyone.

Thursday, June 6, 2013


June, sneaky month.  (Insert here your favorite excuse/apology for not being around as often as I would like to). Moving on. I'm sharing two of the photos that I developed a couple of weeks ago. The Lomo people already sent the physical copies my way. I love paper photos. The first one are some videotapes abandoned in Stokey back in December. The second one was me, with a disposable camera in my flat in Buenos Aires... at least one year ago. Sneaky year.

I'll keep this post short because I'm on my way to a very interesting workshop about emerging digital materiality in the Wellcome Trust. I'd promise that I'll share my insights about it here, but I don't trust myself anymore.