Saturday, September 29, 2012

London: Week One

 A bit of British summer in Green Park.

Put it on...

Cider and more cider at The Green Man.

The canal next to Central Saint Martins.

Central Saint Martins.

 King's Cross.

Beers with Lore and Gabi.

Prism instalation at the V&A.

 City view from the top of the V&A.

My new chilli ring. Lore's gift.

Coffee to go.

Oh wow, it's Shoreditch.

First day in London.

I haven't had much time to write on the blog. It's such a shame, but I promise I'll try to update it more often... when I find a house to live in!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Last Week in Pictures

Pool day in Caracas. Back there El Ávila, saving our lives on a daily basis.

Pool + Me.

"Con leche" in the best coffee in Caracas: Arábica.

My mum gave me this lovely vintage book.

 Mum and I having a delicious brunch. Same place, different day.

 The dog also came to have brunch with us. His name is Bambam.

This is Ibaripuera Park in Sao Paulo where my friend Jorge saved me
from the longest and dullest flight connection ever.
Yes, those are orchids "planted" on trees.

Avenida Paulista.
Arty phonebooths.


Kebab and cider in a Festival in Brixton :)

 Around Brixton.

Sunny Trafalgar Square.

Kitchen window.

Last week was my most international week by far. Included Caracas, Sao Paulo and arriving in London after a 52 hours flight. So this week probably will include me with a massive flu.