Saturday, December 31, 2011


January. The year started in Caracas. Try to go to the beach a couple of times and failed. Finally went to the beach a couple of times. Went to El Ávila a lot. Decided to stay one more month.

February. Designed a Memory Game prototype with my friend Ale. Flighted back to Buenos Aires. Payed the bills. Quit my office job. Met a lot of new friends in La Casa Latina.

March. Started a brunch tradition with Lara and Daniela. Travelled to Córdoba to saw a massive moon. Went to Tigre. My friends Danielle and Andrea came to Buenos Aires. Had little to sleep.

April. My friend Chipi got married. Hanged out with Andrea, Danielle and Jean-Sylvain. Went to The National and Flaming Lips concerts. Didn't take much photos.

May. Made badges. Walked around Buenos Aires.  Saw lots of movies. The world didn't end.

June. Traveled to London for the first time in my life. Fell deeply in love with the city. Walked around with Lore and Ariany. Met the Manor and their lovely residents, amazing people. Moved to Stoke Newington. Crashed into Glastonbury. Saw Paul Simon. Let the "diversion" began!

July. Got to know my new neighborhood, learned new English words and some slang. Had Fish & Chips and my first Sunday Roast. Traveled a weekend to Paris to see my friend Danielle. Went to Lovebox and Secret Garden Party. Traveled to the West Country. Drank cider in Sidmouth. Had lunch in Lyme Regis. Ate a Mr. Whippy in Durdle Door. Dressed as a gipsy in Bristol.

August. B-Right-On. Helped, danced and attended a mini Michael Jackson party at Playgroup. Ran around London trying to see what I hadn't saw. Met Lore, Joyce and Bader, for tea, beer and cider. Went to Wilderness Festival and saw a cricket game. Left London. Missed London. Woke up suddenly in Buenos Aires.

September. Worked a lot and spent lots of time at my house. Had brunch with the girls, and the boys. Played poker. Spring sprang.

October. My brand Objetitos turned 5. Started to sell badges to Magma in London. Went to listen a lovely hippie gig of my friends Lara and Daniela. Printed my "The Beginning is Near" totes.

November. Participated in Cristina's traveling notebooks project. My mom came to visit me. Also Ceci and Ale. Ran 10K. Went to Punta del Este, Uruguay and had a delicious time. Start organizing everything for my holidays trip. Seriously brunch season started.

December. Went around walking and eating with Ceci and Ale. Celebrated my birthday and some more. Went kayaking. Left Buenos Aires. Arrived in Caracas. Saw a lot of dear friends that now live in Chicago, London, Miami, New York, Madrid. Thought how fast this year have passed. And a couple of hours ago I saw the first star appear over Caracas' sky (right there in the left corner) the last day of the year in a square near home.

This was one of the best years of my life. Lived, loved and learned a lot. Hope 2012 is everything I've always dream it will be and more.

Lots of love for all of you and the best of lucks next year! x