Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Capital Ring

If you live in London and you don't know the Capital Ring yet, you're definitely missing out. These are photos from two weeks ago when we walked the 6th section, known for being maybe the most beautiful one, from Wimbledon Park to Richmond.

In Richmond Park we got to see some stags and everything, but the whole unlocking my phone and open the camera app dynamic was too slow to capture them, specially because the encounter was fairly brief as we were in a Fenton moment with my friend's dogs Kasper and Woody. Yes, that happens in real life.

Hope you have a lovely Sunday! x


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Monday, January 6, 2014

2013: July to December

Second half of 2013 was a bit more intense than the first one. A lot more traveling: Barcelona, to start and to again visit some dear friends... and the beach. A hot one. Not like Brighton were everyone is wearing jumpers. I also went to Windsor and Eton, on my way to a BBQ party. Went to Brighton for a birthday. Liverpool, with my mum to do all The Beatles related activities available. Venice, Milan, Locarno, Lugano, Como, also with my mum and the best hosts ever. And of course, maybe saving the best for last, although I didn't know it, Paris, where I visit another good all best friend and celebrated her birthday.

Aside from the traveling there were other exciting moments: Brazilian parties; summer BBQ's; a nice festival near the River Uck; apparently I used my yellow shoes a lot during the summer; we hacked the Barbican Centre; the Smug Club was created; the Procrastinator (some) Times was born; I started (and finished) my internship in a cool place with the craziest Chinese mugs; Halloween and Bonfire Night were celebrated in good fashion; and the day of my birthday the sunrise was amazingly pink.

Thank you 2013, there's no doubt you were an awesome year. And although the bar is high for 2014, my hopes are higher. So, bring it! (:

Friday, January 3, 2014

2013: January to June

This are very random photos from the first half of 2013. Six amazing months were a lot of things happened. I saw, touched and played with snow for the first time in my life. I also got tired of snow for the first time... really nobody talks about the awful slippery black ice that ends up being. I traveled to Madrid and Segovia, and hanged with my best friends (there is a high density of amazing human beings that happen to be my friends -and my friend's friends- living in Madrid right now). Archeology Project website was planned and launched. There were massive picnics and small ones, toasts with fresh French friends, pub-crawls around the hidden rivers of De Beauvoir Town. There were open studios, workshops, jams, lectures and a crazy boat party in Regents Canal. My uncle visited Europe for the first time and I was his happy guide in London.

Amazing six months, I'm glad I remembered them all by looking through my photos, and I hope I get to share some of that happiness with you x

Thursday, January 2, 2014


Que el 2014 sea el año para alcanzar el cielo, con la piedrita y la punta del zapato. Let's make it happen!

Love for all x