Monday, May 20, 2013

Caribbean Blues

Last week, finally I took my films (some, very old ones) to the Lomography Shop in Spitafields Market to be developed. I mention them in what it would appear to be a sponsored post but it's not (I wish), just because I think the service it's been brilliant. The physical photos are yet to be send to my house but in the meantime they sent me a link with all my photos digitalised and ready to be downloaded to my computer or uploaded to my Lomo home. I think is awesome!

Anyway, let's start this rainy blue Monday with some memories from happier blues back in Los Roques this January.

Hope you all have a super nice week! x

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

May Days


Cambrigde Heath Rail Station, East London.

Being dickheads in London Fields.

Jhalmuri Express. Vyner Street, Gallery Night.

A lovely little alley close to my house.

Blue hour at Clissold Park.

And so the ice cream season begins!

Gallery 12, Vyner Street, Gallery Night.

I've been super busy... can you tell? Only one post in April. Standing boo for me. I'll try to bring me back here again. Let's start by posting some miscellaneous photos of this May so far :)

To listen I share with you this lovely playlist made by Mr. P3P510.