Thursday, March 12, 2015

Cartes postales de Normandie: la randonnée


This is French Normandy, a little bit north from Le Havre. It's not easy to put into words how wonderful this place is... for me at least, I wish there was a little more of a poet in me.

These photos were taken during one of the walks we made from Vaucottes sur mer to Etretat and back. Etretat is one of the most famous little towns in Haute-Normandie because of its cliffs, les falaises. I'll post photos of the town (:

That little rock in the middle of the sea (third and last photo) we discovered that it was the switch that turn on the sun. Seriously.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Canal Mini-Stories

Change is indeed the only certain thing. I'm recycling old photos that I didn't have time to share in the blog in 2014. Because why not? 

For three months last year I lived in Clapton right next to the Canal. This was the road I walked from Clapton to Hackney Wick(ed) to have brunch with my friends or just because the day was lovely, like this one, almost a year ago.