Friday, September 27, 2013

Holidays in Italy II


This is the first Venice post. What. A. Magical. City! I've seen, read, listened to stories, watched movies, imagined stuff, but nothing really compares to actually being there. Sorry for the cliché, but it's true, and Venice makes all clichés be wonderful. I'm in love. I know.

These are some of the walls. Their details, colours, textures. You can spend hours losing yourself in the maze of streets, following arrows, reading messages, discovering all sorts of new old things.

I added a couple of 60'' videos to Archeology Project's Vimeo Group, you can have a look here and here.

Happy Friday everyone! x

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Holidays in Italy I

I came back yesterday from one spectacular week in and around Milan. I am happy and amazed and also extremely exhausted, however I really want to share some photos of all the amazing places I visited with all of you. Starting with the Swiss side of Italy (ha). That would be the route you can make from the Lago Maggiore up to Locarno, Lugano and back again.

It's fantastic. Great views, delicious food, the cutest little towns ever (in the Italian side) and some very good looking cities (in the Swiss side, specially Lugano... fancy!). If you travel to the North of Italy, make sure you visit the lakes, walk along the bankside and have the mandatory combination of Spritz, pizza and gelato.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Windsor / Eton

Last month we grab one of those cool Zipcars and went to BBQ at a friend's house somewhere near Ascot. On our way we stop to have cream tea in Windsor and walk around Eton because why not?

These are the photos I manage to download before someone stole my phone (boo!). Last photo one is my super £ 1,00 souvenir (:

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Microworlds and watercolors

  Lorraine Lam Jewelry. Photo Leo Qin.

 Lorraine Lam Jewelry. Photo Leo Qin.

 Lorraine Lam Jewelry. Photo Leo Qin.

London Bridge by Lily Forwood.

 Food City by Lily Forwood. 

Yesterday I went to have a look at the MA Degree Shows of Camberwell School of Arts. The show featured the work of graduates of MA Designer Maker, Illustration, Digital Arts and Printmaking.

My friend Lorraine Lam presented her amazing functional/symbiotic jewelry line. I love her proposal, the idea of this micro-worlds / secret stashes / time capsules, that you can carry along with you as a ring or a necklace and play with them, modified them, make them disappear whenever you want just to start again. It's a wonderful invitation. And I want all her rings. All. You can have a look at more pieces here.

Among the other interesting things I saw was the illustration work of Lily Forwood. The beauty of incompletness really got me, as well as the deepness she manage to print in the paper with just some blots of watercolor. Have a look at her page here.

And if you want to go to Camberwell School of Arts to see everything, here's more info.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

So many blogs, so little time

So, yeah, once again I abandoned my beloved blog for an entire month. That's awful, but the truth is that during that month I've been working in another blog project called The Procrastinator (some) Times.

I use to describe (assume) myself as a professional procrastinator. And the fact is that yes, I am pretty good about it. It is important to mention that I don't necessarily see procrastination as a bad thing, as long as you waste/employ your time in a meaningful way as opposed to watch stranger's wedding photos on Facebook or scroll down for hours looking for memes.

Procrastination, well assumed and practiced, is a valid choice, a way of distributing your time according to the way you know you function better, and a way to look for inspiration in an unstructured way.

Here are a couple of articles that support (somehow) my point: Why Procrastination is Good for You? and Using Summer's End to Boost Your Creativity.

Anyhow. Without further ado, this is the link to this new blog of mine: The Procrastinator (some) Times. I hope you like it, and if you feel like contributing in ANY way (sending interesting links, with a weekly section, sending us photos of your cats, programing a better homepage, etc), please drop me a line.

Have a happy Wednesday everyone!


PS. The Procrastinator also have a twitter account, if you want to follow --> @pro_sometimes