Monday, December 31, 2012

Dos Mil Doce (II)


Dani, Isa and I celebrated the very Argentinean Friend's Day. I collaborated with Isa in the photo shoot of her lovely Roque Bags. The good-byes dinners, brunchs and parties started to get serious (just in case, because I still didn't have my Visa). I practiced a lot of yoga to handle the insomnia, anxiety, tiredness and over-excitement.


The Visa was issued. Abso-bloody-lutely brilliant! I jumped and scream in the street and hug a couple of strangers. Everything was real now. Loads of things to do, little to sleep, and massive amounts of last minute paperwork. Procrastination (and uncertainty) bit me in the ass. In the middle of the month After the last, and very emotive good-bye party, I arrived in Caracas to keep the paperwork going on. Me and my friends went for a weekend to Galipán (last photo) it was the best part of my trip.


Crazy month. After a day-long scale in Sao Paulo I finally arrived in London on September 15th. My dear friend Rocio made a place for me in the home in Arnos Grove. I enrolled at Uni, started looking for a room (mission impossible), thanks to lovely Hayley I went to Playgroup Festival got to see all my friends from last year. The weather was perfect and London was as spectacular as I remembered.


Classes started and at the very end of the month I found a room. Also I started to hanged out with my Uni mates. Everything was weirdly familiar but awesomely new at the same time. Finally, I took that (last photo) as a sign, of course.


Shoreditch Grind; Bonfire night; world's ugliest postcard (I sent it to my friend Andrea for her birthday); my friendly neighbor, the red cat; early signs of Christmas and more celebrations and pub nights with my uni friends. On the 21, my friend Marie invited me to participate in a very cool video project: 60 seconds daily recording before the end of the world. That made my month.


December it's been full of good and interesting books (mostly for Uni), celebrations, treats, delicious food, traveling, surprises, friends and a world that even though it looked like it might... didn't end, at the end. That's exactly how I wish the next year will be. A nice mixture of happiness, traveling, good friends and hard work (yes, work, I'm inspired, I want to make 2013 the best year.)

The last photo was taken this morning in Caracas.
As you can see today is a very nice sunny and blue day.

Thanks to all the people that made this year special,
including of course the people that read this blog.
I really hope to have you in my life in 2013.

Happy New Year everyone! x

Dos Mil Doce (I)



The year started, as usual, in Venezuela. This time I got to go to the beach, that's always an awesome way to start anything. I went back to Buenos Aires, the city was hot and lonely so everything happened kind of slowly. I celebrated the Chinese New Year, helped my friend Ale make a music video (I'll show you when I can show you)


Groundhog day was on the same day and Phil predicted 6 more months of winter. I started reading the wonderful A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry. I sent all my Uni applications, and started waiting and dreaming about the future while working loads with my friend/business partner Pian via Skype :)


English classes started and with them a new routine, at least of a couple of months. I start using the train and loved Retiro Station every single day. I visited places in Buenos Aires that I never had seen like the San Bernardo Pool and Café and at the end of the month saw Roger Water's The Wall thanks to my dear friend Yiya.


The weather was finally nice and my lovely Isa and I enjoyed it day and night in The Clubhouse pool parties. Our talent really lies in drinking... good times! I started a job in a office for a couple of months. Saw an amazing, moving and very intimate Björk concert, thanks to my friend Martín (who every year invites me to very nice concerts, I want to see how we're going to make it in 2013). Finally the good-bye season at the Shanghai Dragon started with Ale and Gaby.


Celebrate with cider the first acceptance letters from Uni. Had a very original time at my dear friend Dougla's birthday playing games. He experimented with our minds and showed us that the world can be exactly how you want it to be. Also with Dag we met Pancho, the dog holding the ballon. Best. Dog. Ever.


This month was really dense. I applied for my Visa and desperately started to do all the things I never did before in Buenos Aires. Just in case. Any thing still could have happened. In June 21th I celebrated that we still had 6 months till the end of the world (as we knew it).


This summary, that is helping me remember a lot of things
that I had forgotten, will continue in another post.
One of my new year wishes will be the ability to abridge.