Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Of Maps and Totes



I love maps. I really, really do. My first grown-up job was in a dull office and one of the things I remember fondly was the DHL's map that I stared to everyday looking/picking a new imaginary destination for an imaginary trip. I that map I discovered some places I didn't know existed, like the Sandwich Islands.


My friends V & O got married a week ago in London. Their wedding was really awesome and included a boat trip, a ninja band and a picnic. I couldn't attend but they asked me to design the wedding souvenirs and I was truly happy because it was the first time outside of school (where I used to draw the maps of that country formerly known as Venezuela) that I get to draw/imagine/create a map. They post the map on their web and printed a simplified version on canvas totes.


Mr. Phill, also a friend of V & O, was the photographer at their wedding and he took the photos that you see in this post, along with some other awesome wedding pics. He also wrote on his blog a really nice story about the whole day. Have a look at his page and his blog, you'll enjoy it :)

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