Thursday, June 14, 2012

These last couple of weeks the weather its been very peculiar over here. Really cloudy, grey and altogether discouraging in the mornings, and then right before sunset some spectacular sun rays shine with a very warm, lovely light, for like 30 minutes tops. As my friend Túlio would say: there is hope.

Some random discoveries/links:

- A video made for Canal Digital in Norway called "The Man Who Lived in a Film". It is inspiring (for us working in TV) to see how the same old idea can be redone in a very simple, funny and brilliant way. (I found it via The Inspiration).

- Notes on Metamodernism a webzine recommended (and edited) by Hila. Very, very interesting.

- No need of explanation for The Skartorialist, right?

- Finally, after I send a magnetic calendar to Norway (first time one of my Objetitos goes to Norway, at least that I know of), I relisted it on my Etsy Shop.

 Photos were taken in NYC, back in 2007. It's been so long since the last time I travel to NY, I kind of miss it, and the city is calling now. Can you hear it?


Túlio said...

Yeah! Surely there's hope, but I lost mine in seeing you! jajaja


German Herrera said...

Ché! cómo se parece Buenos Aires a londres en tus fotos, viste?


Ana said...

Túlinho nooooo... there's still hope. LET'S DO IT. Brunch. Dime a dónde ir :)

Ger, a New York en este caso. Aunque hoy la cosa está bien londinense por acá.