Monday, April 21, 2014

Early Spring Break II

Some common and not-so common views of lovely Brussels. Yes, the Manneken Pis is ridiculously small. Yes, Belgium beers are the best in the world. I really want to go back and have more time to properly enjoy and get to know Brussels... any recommendations?

Have a lovely week everyone! x

Sunday, April 20, 2014

De Gabo

 Gabriel García Márquez Frente al espejo, 1982, photo by Vasco Szinetar

 Gabriel García Márquez Frente al espejo, 2010, photo by Vasco Szinetar

When I found out about that Gabo passed out, I remember the first time I re-discover the ice with him and Aureliano Buendía; I remembered Florentino Ariza's valses; my mother's One Hundred Years of Solitude books collection, that it must be already 1000 years or close; and this wonderful phrase: "the heart has more rooms than a whore house." Dear Gabo, you will be deeply missed.


The photos from this post are from part of the series "Frente al espejo" (In Front of the Mirror) of the genius Venezuelan photographer Vasco Szinetar.

You can have a look at the post in The Procrastinator (some) Times about Gabo, and to an old post in this blog where I posted a text where García Marquez wrote about Caracas, the unhappy city (La infeliz Caracas).

Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Capital Ring

If you live in London and you don't know the Capital Ring yet, you're definitely missing out. These are photos from two weeks ago when we walked the 6th section, known for being maybe the most beautiful one, from Wimbledon Park to Richmond.

In Richmond Park we got to see some stags and everything, but the whole unlocking my phone and open the camera app dynamic was too slow to capture them, specially because the encounter was fairly brief as we were in a Fenton moment with my friend's dogs Kasper and Woody. Yes, that happens in real life.

Hope you have a lovely Sunday! x


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