Sunday, June 17, 2012

This weekend I barely leave the house. I tried really hard to work, but failed almost miserably (I did get something done, like a 17%). While trying and failing today though, I listened to a very awesome selection of punk (and its close cousins) in a BBC6 Music special. One of the programs I heard was called A punk tale of two cities and it's brilliant. Loads of information and great tunes. You can listening by clicking the link.

Photo was taken exactly a year ago at my friend Lorena's ex flat (the next two months probably are going to be unbearably retro, I warn you), it is slightly out of focus, but I like it. Hope you all have had a happy weekend.

PS. I've 'refreshed' the design of my blog, do you like it?


little pink cakes said...

I love the deep red in this picture! Although, as you said, it is out of focus, I think that this even supports the warm deep colour of the picture!

Very looking forward to the retro-phase :)

Have a great week!
PS: Thumbs up for your new design! It's clearer, I like that!

Jose Urriola said...

Me gusta esa cosa que tiene forma de otra cosa que dice Vitamins. Le da un toque extra como de maldad a la foto.

Ana said...

Little Pink, yeah, I loved the color of that room, and the mysterious key hanging on the wall. I'm super glad you like the new design. Thanks for the visit and the comments :)

Urriola chico, siempre tan detallista, yo no me fijé, ni siquiera en vivo y en directo... y ahora tengo dudas. Gracias por la visita xxx