Sunday, June 3, 2012

Botanical Garden

Yesterday I wrote a very nasty post about the first day of June that was truly awful, from the beginning to the very last minute when I had to leave the house because my kettle burn down and filled everything with smoke and gas. I never hit the "post" button, and I guess it was better, because all those bad vibes went away with the fire. Now I'm happy again and it is a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon.

Photos are from the Botanical Garden Carlos Thays. I went there on Thursday. It is a lovely little quiet place to go. Curious note: aside from the plants, flowers and trees, Buenos Aires's Botanical Garden has cats. Loads of them. They own the place. This also happens in Recoleta Cemetery. I have no idea why but it is quite nice, a very personal trademark, or the cat thing also happens in other gardens/cemeteries? Let me know. I'm curious now.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend, and if you happen to be in the UK, keep enjoying your long holiday! x


German Herrera said...

sabes dónde más hay gatos y no es nice, Parque Cristal.

Not nice at all.

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