Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sunday Morning Mix

Turning points in the evolution of love are not always the result of dramatic events; they often stem from something that at first seems completely inconsequential.
—Milan Kundera

- I've just read this phrase in the amazing Flickr page of Eduardo. Please be sure to have a look to all the stages of his photographic work.
- The fucking flower (Oil on Linen. 150 x 110 cm.) belongs to the most recent work of the Spanish artist Lino Lago.
- Finally while I was writing this post, started to sound Down in Mexico by The Coasters.

There you go, a little mix of info for this 4 degrees Sunday morning-ish.
I reckon that I'm going back to the regular cold Sunday activities: reading in bed + fall asleep. Maybe I'll be around here later x

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