Sunday, August 28, 2011

About MTV and the VMA

I wrote an article about the MTV Video Music Awards for the online page of E! Entertainment Latin America and, for practicing purposes, I made my best to translate it to English, so here it is:


Once upon a time, maybe you don't even remember, there was a TV channel called MTV. This strange channel was so edgy and avant-garde that it was exclusively about music. MTV used to mean pop culture. It was a platform for new artists and a window to the fans to be connected with their favorite artists.

Be a musician in the 80's and have your video in MTV was a huge achievement and at the same time a serious commitment to continue creating quality video material. It wasn't only about the music anymore, you also need a jaw-dropping video. MTV definitely killed the radio stars.

The first Video Music Awards was delivered in 1984 and the ceremony took place in the emblematic Radio City Music Hall in NYC. Perhaps you can remember Madonna's iconic Like a Virgin performance, where she descend from a cake dressing like a bride, touched for the very first time, and with a massive MTV logo as a backing.

A lot of other performances that made history also happened in the VMA's stage. Kurt Cobain in 1992 singing the beginning of Rape Me, the only song that the executives of the show had forbidden Nirvana to sing. Michael Jackson in 1995, shinning with an unforgettable performance that mixed his greatest hits and lasted more than 15 minutes. Madonna, again, singing and dancing Vogue with enormous Victorian dresses. The Gallagher brothers exuding hate while performing the lovely Champagne Supernova in 1996. Elton John playing the piano for Guns 'n Roses' November Rain in 1992. The kiss between Madonna, Britney and Christina in 2003. The most polemic, daring and over-priced performances that you can remember, probably happened in the VMA's.

Now, the ones on the top of the charts are different kind of artist, more commercial, more pop (?), the performances doesn't look that amazing anymore, and the polemic is reserved for Lady Gaga's outfits or for when Kanye decides to interrupt someone. But nonetheless, going home with the silver astronaut still is everyone's dream, and also, the ceremony, presentations, outfits and new plastic surgeries always are a good topic of conversation.

This Sunday (today), is the 28th MTV Video Music Awards ceremony in the Nokia Theater in L.A. And among the live performances there is two of this year favorites: Adele and Pitbull. It will be a homage to both Britney Spears and Amy Winehouse's careers. In the favorites list are also: Katy Perry, Cee-Lo Green (if he can beat Justin Bieber, fingers crossed), Foo Fighters and Kanye West.

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