Monday, August 22, 2011

Music Monday: I wish that I could see you soon

...but there's no way to say and there is nothing I can do.

Is there something called "travel cold"? The typical cold you get whenever you return from holidays. By now it must be a thing already. A certified disease that you can quote from Wikipedia and let you skip at least a day of work (not my case, cause at the moment I'm not working in an office, but still).

This Herman Dune's song, that my friend Carola sent me, it's been keeping me in a nice state of quiet happiness. It sounds happy, but deep down, when you finish listening to it you're a little bit sad, or at least nostalgic. Anyway is a nice song, and it also reminds me of Paul Simon (that's when I remember my holidays and start to cough again, damn travel cold!).

This song was also used for the brand Estrella Damm as the Summer song in Spain, the video is a whole other story with a BIG budget, but also really really good, you can see it here.

Enjoy this chilli Monday (holiday in Argentina) with this happy-sad-winter-summer song.

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