Friday, August 19, 2011

West Country Tour (III): Lyme Regis

So, the Jurassic Coast of the UK is like a bunch of little lovely towns, one next to the other, one more beautiful than the other, with Lyme Regis, on West Dorset, being one of the nicest. Maybe is because is on a hill and so the Sea is kind of omnipresent, or because the beach is (or at least seems) warmer, or because of the contrast between the amazingly green garden on top and the salty sandy beach (I think that's pretty common in the UK, but for me it's a wonderful surprising sight). Probably because all of the above.  

We left Sidmouth at noon and in the way to Lyme Regis pass a Donkey Sanctuary (yes, we drove into the Donkey Sanctuary, for 10 minutes, but come on... it's a Donkey Sanctuary!) and another town named Beer (also yes), and arrived just in time for lunch. We share a typical English salad which name I'm just incapable of learning: Ploughman's lunch (I juggle with Google to came up with that) and some other salad made with crab. The day was sunny and at the beach they were celebrating the Lifeboat Week, so there was a lot of people, music, boats, seagulls, fudge. It was perfect.  

Some other interesting facts about Lyme Regis, according to Wiki, are: the town lies in Lyme Bay, on the English Channel coast at the Dorset-Devon border. It is nicknamed "The Pearl of Dorset." The harbour wall, "The Cobb", features in Jane Austen's novel Persuasion. And last but not least, the town was home to Admiral Sir George Somers, its one time mayor and parliamentarian, who founded the Somers Isles, better known as Bermuda.

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