Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Last But Not Least

Bristol was the last city I met in my summer trip to the UK. I liked it a lot. The harbour, the weird textures of the houses (some looked like as if the walls were made of bones), the street art, those lovely chimneys shaped as little kings and specially my hosts Abi and Pat, adorable friends.

I have no idea why I've have not posted photos from Bristol so far, only the Tobacco Factory ones, but well, is never too late and is a good way to start February... remembering July, innit? I stayed there for only two days but during that brief time I went to the Harbour Festival, where Abi was working campaigning for Not In My Banger, attended to a mini birthday party where I had my first time ever all-vegan chocolate cake (it was good!) and afterwards we all went to the Invisible Circus (that's why everybody is dressed as "Neptune Child", that was the theme). 

Good times. Good memories. Good February to everyone! x


La Azotacalles said...

¡Maravilloso viaje!

Ana said...

Lo fue, lo fue, gracias Dacita :)