Thursday, February 9, 2012

This Year

"This year, I will
stop saying yes
when I really mean no,
and stop saying no
when I'm too afraid to say yes.
I will stop caring what perfect strangers think,
and hold close the opinions
of those who care for me."

Hila, a nice writer based in Perth, Australia, whose blog le project d'amour I've been following for quite a time now, wrote a poem and posted it in her blog. Lynn from Satsuma Press, who makes delicate stationary, cards and invitations in Oregon, US, liked it and -after asking Hila, of course- printed it. Now if you like it too you can buy it online.

Words made a tangible piece of art. This is the kind of cool collaborations are happening more often thanks to the Internet and make us feel closer together even if we are in opposite sides of the world. It is inspiring, don't you think?

Congrats girls for making it happen!

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