Wednesday, February 8, 2012


View from my balcony.

I don't like the summer that much you know? And I think, ironically enough, that's because I grew up in the Caribbean. In Caracas to be more precise. The higher temperatures there are not as high as in south of South America or in Europe (France, Spain, Italy) for that matter. Our eternal summer is around 25-30 degrees all year, a little colder (18C) in December. For that reason feeling that much heat without being on the beach doesn't make sense to me.

This past week was really hot, therefore I spent a lot of time indoors watching movies. I've seen already The Iron Lady, The Ides of March, Drive and Sherlock Holmes 2. I almost ready for the Oscars minus The Descendants and The Artist, which I'm looking forward to see. If you were fancying a good movie, or you were needing an excuse to see Ryan Gosling, I recommend for very different reasons any of the above.

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