Friday, March 16, 2012

Photos, Links and Mean Reds

Manor House's Window.

Always wanted to go in. Never did.

  Victoria & Albert Museum.

Photos in Jamie Hewllet's Studio.

Ryan's, amazing Bloody Marys. Church St. Stoke Newington.

Camden Market.

Stoke Newington High Street.

Notting Hill (duh) unknown street.

Lovely chairs.

Camden Town canals.

This past couple of weeks have been very rollercoastery. I've been happy, tired, bored, excited, uninspired and everything in between. I have a lot in my mind. Holly Golightly used to call this 'the mean reds'. Hopefully the weekend sensation (for me, as a freelance that doesn't have to go to an office everyday, the weekend exists, but it no more than a sensation) will wash this feelings away.

Randoms from the week:

- The photos of the post are from London, of course. Lovely, far away, not so close, London.
- Writing an article yesterday I discovered a funny geek guy called Garth Sundem. He makes mathematics equations for solving everyday dilemas suchs as: How many drinks should I have at the conferences hotel bar tonight? Fun.
- I've been listening to this nice mixtape from Sincerely Hana. You should have a look at her photographic work. She have a couple of awesome projects going on.
- Yesterday when I was reaching the top of the mean reds so I went out to grab a coffee and I spotted a girl with one of my totes. That made me happy. I took a photo of her like a papparazzi.
- Finally, Charlie Brooker on Kony2012. Genius.

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