Sunday, March 11, 2012

4 Years

Four years ago on the 10th of March I was leaving Caracas to come to live in Buenos Aires. I was looking at old photos from those days when every little thing that I take for granted now used to amazed me. Good times. I think I need to feel like that again. Hopefully I will later this year. Fingers crossed! x

PS. A mixtape for the occasion in my 8Tracks :)

PS 2. The dinner pics were taken in Bereber, an incredible Moroccan place that was our favorite. We had amazing times in there. They closed it down like a year ago. We don't know why and we still miss it!


Hila said...

Happy anniversary :)

What stunning photos, you really get a sense of place with them.

La Azotacalles said...

¿Yo fui al Bereber? Porque me suena. Qué feliz que pude compartir con ustedes algo de esas felicidad.

Ana said...

Hila, thanks a lot! I'm glad you like the photos :) Have a lovely weekend!

Andre, ¡claro! Fuimos con Leila, sólo que nos sentamos abajo. Todo el mundo fue al Bereber... era un miembro de la familia. Me alegro también de haberte tenido por acá... ¡y haber celebrado el día del inmigrante contigo y todo! ¿Te acuerdas? :)