Thursday, March 1, 2012

March Felicidad

A mixtape to start the month.

1. White Winter Hymnal. Fleet Foxes.
2. Another Sunny Day. Belle and Sebastian.
3. Run Right Back. The Black Keys.
4. Vitamin K. Gruff Rhys.
5. The Next Time Around. Little Joy.
6. Happiness Runs. Donovan.
7. Little Bit. Lykke Li.
8. Common People. Pulp.
9. Surprise Track ;)

Click on the image to go listen on 8tracks :)


Kellee said...

Hi Ana!

What a great soundtrack to a day - I'm going to listen to this later, thanks!

I just saw your bag 'The Beginning Is Near' on Sandra Juto's blog and love it! I couldn't see it in your Etsy shop though - do you still make them?

This is my first time looking at your blog and it's great - can't wait to read more.

Take care,
Kellee :)

Ana said...

Hi Kellee! Thanks for visiting!

Yes the tote must just expired, I've already relisted it! :)

Welcome to the blog, I hope you enjoy it, and the mixtapes too.

Happy Tuesday!

Ana x