Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Friends: Germán Herrera

Awesome designer, animator, comic illustrator, story-teller, and a super cool friend. From time to time he enjoys making stories about the people he knows, specially his kid sister and his friends. The one in the drawing is me, and although I'm a wicked witch I loved the story he wrote.

"The interview with patient "L" was without any doubt peculiar. Of course you could say that about every person that steps into the office, but this one had some extra value because she suffered from some kind of language-curse. 

An innocent spectator  might think that she only mixed different languages and accents when she speaks, but the sounds that escaped her throat were no other than diabolic words. Most likely a consequence of the studies she recently made. That was easy to deduct from the School of Magic and Necromancy crest stitched in her tote.

According to her story, after a brief but successful time as End of the World Prophet, she decided to add to her resume an Apocalyptic Management and Cults Administration specialization. For her thesis dissertation she broke her soul into little buttons she handled to her followers. With those innocent little objects she would be able to catch the minds and hearts of the entire world... and maybe she would become immortal.

Knowing that she will never be alone and considering her love for classics and cliches, she is planning to take her knowledge to good old (but actually new) England."

Fingers crossed Ger ;)

---> Have a look at German's work on his lovely Blog de monos.


German Herrera said...


Creo que esa fue mi primera nota de prensa en la vida!

Gracias, Gracias Nalaya... El totémico de compañía va para la segunda parte :D

Ana said...

La primera de muchas entonces :)

Animal totémico para la mesa 5 please.

Un beso xxxx