Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I wanted to return to Buenos Aires because I wanted to start all my projects as soon as possible, but the truth is that since I came here I've been really lazy, I guess the unbearable heat has something to do with that. Procrastination, that's so my trade mark.

In my laziness (that definitely has to be over by the end of this week), I've managed to start the gym again, a new new diet, pay bills and that sort of stuff, finished reading Roseanna and started A Fine Balance and I've seen for the first time lots of episodes of Modern Family. Is good, everybody told me so, now I understand... and I love Gloria. Sometimes I feel like her when I talk in English.

The photos are from my local park. Yesterday I took a walk there and read a while :) And speaking of books, have a look a this nice video called The Joy of Books.


Ama* said...

I also feel like Gloria most of the times! and I'm not talking about her hotness of course jeje

Beautiful pictures BTW.


hila said...

these photos are so hazy and relaxing, I wish I could sink into them.