Thursday, September 5, 2013

Microworlds and watercolors

  Lorraine Lam Jewelry. Photo Leo Qin.

 Lorraine Lam Jewelry. Photo Leo Qin.

 Lorraine Lam Jewelry. Photo Leo Qin.

London Bridge by Lily Forwood.

 Food City by Lily Forwood. 

Yesterday I went to have a look at the MA Degree Shows of Camberwell School of Arts. The show featured the work of graduates of MA Designer Maker, Illustration, Digital Arts and Printmaking.

My friend Lorraine Lam presented her amazing functional/symbiotic jewelry line. I love her proposal, the idea of this micro-worlds / secret stashes / time capsules, that you can carry along with you as a ring or a necklace and play with them, modified them, make them disappear whenever you want just to start again. It's a wonderful invitation. And I want all her rings. All. You can have a look at more pieces here.

Among the other interesting things I saw was the illustration work of Lily Forwood. The beauty of incompletness really got me, as well as the deepness she manage to print in the paper with just some blots of watercolor. Have a look at her page here.

And if you want to go to Camberwell School of Arts to see everything, here's more info.

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