Wednesday, September 4, 2013

So many blogs, so little time

So, yeah, once again I abandoned my beloved blog for an entire month. That's awful, but the truth is that during that month I've been working in another blog project called The Procrastinator (some) Times.

I use to describe (assume) myself as a professional procrastinator. And the fact is that yes, I am pretty good about it. It is important to mention that I don't necessarily see procrastination as a bad thing, as long as you waste/employ your time in a meaningful way as opposed to watch stranger's wedding photos on Facebook or scroll down for hours looking for memes.

Procrastination, well assumed and practiced, is a valid choice, a way of distributing your time according to the way you know you function better, and a way to look for inspiration in an unstructured way.

Here are a couple of articles that support (somehow) my point: Why Procrastination is Good for You? and Using Summer's End to Boost Your Creativity.

Anyhow. Without further ado, this is the link to this new blog of mine: The Procrastinator (some) Times. I hope you like it, and if you feel like contributing in ANY way (sending interesting links, with a weekly section, sending us photos of your cats, programing a better homepage, etc), please drop me a line.

Have a happy Wednesday everyone!


PS. The Procrastinator also have a twitter account, if you want to follow --> @pro_sometimes

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