Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Half an hour and € 7,00 away from Barcelona is Sitges, an amazing cute little beach town famous for its neverending parties, its fantastic cinema festival (literally 'fantastic', have a look at this year's poster) and home town of Don Facundo Bacardí Massó, founder of course of the famous rum distillery (there is a Museum if you want to visit, Casa Bacardí, where apparently mojitos and piña coladas are part of the tour).

We head down to Sitges just for one day and although it was a really nice experience I wish I had planned to stay at least a couple of days. On our super trip we bought fruits on the town and headed to the beach where we relaxed and swam, then we had a nice, decent priced, paella at the Hotel Santa María and walked around town looking for the best ice cream.

If you are in Barcelona, please please please, go to Sitges you are seriously in for a treat.


PS. My LC-A+ came along in this minitrip with me, when I develop the photos, I'll share them with you ;)

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Nancy said...

Sounds and looks great!