Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Accounting July

This month there was:

A little bit of Catalunya.

A new haircut. 

Several visits to the Barbican.

One archeological prototype (stay tuned for more info about this!)

One massive mirror and many angles.

One dear friend and his adorable baby visiting.

A new house (yes, another one), garden and BBQ's included.

The best gin cocktail I've ever had
(thanks Westminster Reference Library and Hendrick's)

One sunset in the Southbank, with a couple million people around.

Mali music in a festival.

One of those wonderful long days chasing the sun
(on our way to California).

A dozen cats trying to win the Fat Cat Café "Cat Factor" contest.

One new book.

One pizza for breakfast on a Sunday.

And more important: no human sacrifice.

Bring it on August!


Nancy said...

Sounds wonderful! Hope August will be good, too!

Love your pictures!

Ana said...

Thanks Nancy! Hope you have a lovely August too! (: