Thursday, January 17, 2013

Los Roques II

Morning light in the Gran Roque. Right next to our posada.

Empanadas Shop. 

 El Faro.

 One of the many many dogs that live in Los Roques.

Francisqui de abajo.

Kite Surf School in Francisqui de Abajo.

Kite Surf School.

Beautiful warn white sand in the almost deserted beach.

 Odyssey II. Best or worst name for a boat?


 Full rainbow, just before a quick storm. 
(That happens approximately every 2 hours in Los Roques)

Dog in window.

 This shop is right next to the airport. Duty Free?


 People waiting for the plane. The airport is right next to this pier.

 Next to the airport.


Our plane is here but we don't want to go... ever! :(

I uploaded a mini video (absolutely raw) of Los Roques Airport space/pier/beach, so you can see how the last 5 photos are connected in space.

Los Roques, Venezuela, mamá, sun, Caribbean sea, warm weather I miss you!


German Herrera said...

un día de éstos tengo que pasar por allá... pero ahorita mismo la estación de Harry Potter me queda más cerca (y barata)

Ana said...

King's Cross es la estación de mi Uni y todo :)