Friday, January 18, 2013

It's All About Snow

After the two Los Roques posts this is quite a contrast. Imagine how I feel. Still missing the Caribbean (where I was 10 days ago) but hoping to go out tomorrow in the snow and play. I think is worth to mention that on Monday I saw snow for the first time, and that today I saw snow falling for the first time... on Monday when I woke up the snow was already there, like a belated Christmas miracle. Oh yes, I know how I sound, but you see, I have never got the chance of saying that sort of corny remarks related to snow before, so I'm making up for the lost years :)

While we are on the subject, the BFI shared a wonderful short film called Snow made in 1963 by Geoffrey Jones today in its Twitter feed. Please enjoy and have a lovely weekend! x


German Herrera said...

My thougths exactly ^^

Ver la nevada ^por primera vez es algo mágico e hipnótico, sólo que aquí ya se convirtió en una vaina comprimida horrible y resbalosa... pero pronto habrá más!

Ana said...

Yo pasé horas viendo la nieve caer. Horas. Literally.

También pasé horas desplazándome por el suelo tratando de no caerme... again.

Hoy me compro unas wellies, por lo menos. Porque la nieve sigue allá afuera. Imagínate el frío que hace xxx

Túlio said...

que lindo! brzzzzz!