Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Los Roques I



The only Francisqui Restaurant.

My other permanent companion.

Boats and El Gran Roque far away.

Sandy, a lovely new friend.

Café Arrecife / La Merienda.

My mum taking photos behind the tree.

Sunset in El Gran Roque.

Kids, dogs, houses and a Christmas tree.

 Los Roques, I'm sure is one of the most beautiful places in Earth. It's an 'archipiélago' that means: a chain of islands and coral reefs in the Caribbean Sea about 166 km north of Venezuela. According to Wikipedia there are approximately 350 islands, cays and islets in a total area of 40.61 square kilometers.

Starting this year spending three days there was an amazing privilege (thanks mum, you are definitely the best!), and watching the photos again while there's zero degrees outside it's keeping me warm and happy.

There will be another post with some more pics. This place is so beautiful that is impossible not to go crazy taking pictures ;)


German Herrera said...

well lemme tell you: Watching YOUR beach photos at -4 is keeping ME warm and happy.

Ana said...

Los Roques is a wonderful wonderful place. Even if they say is the new Bermuda Triangle :D