Monday, May 28, 2012

Slunchy Sunday

Here in Buenos Aires this last couple of weeks were rainy, cloudy and even foggy. Today was no exception. Although, I manage to crawl out of bed (at 2pm) to meet the girls and have a lovely Sunday afternoon. We went to the Hipódromo, then to the Casino, and later after an insightful conversation with a super cool taxi driver (the typical Argentinean one) we end up having a sluncher* in Oui Oui.

Photos, as you can see, are just from the Hipódromo. In Oui Oui I was very busy eating like a castaway.

How was your Sunday? x

*I've just discover that word thanks to my friend Carola. It's perfect.


German Herrera said...

hipódromo y casino? un fin de semana de envite y azar.

Espero que se portaran bien y que nadie haya empeñado sus posesiones para salir del casino ^^

Ana said...

Jajaja. La Minileidy y yo nos enviciamos un poquito, pero logramos salir ilesas (con 20 pesos menos though).