Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day at the park

At the end of the afternoon I stopped being lazy and went out to the park, rented a bike and wandered around until my ears and hands got frozen. I took some photos too of course, the day was lovely :)


Hila said...

It looks very lovely indeed - parks are such calming places.

Carlos said...

that 2nd photo with the shadows of the trees is incredible!

Anonymous said...

buenas fotos

Ana said...

Hila, yes,and that park is special for me because is "mine" (meaning that is very close to my house).

Carlos, thanks! The light that day was amazing.

Gracias Luis, me encantaron las búsquedas extrañas por las que la gente llegó a tu blog. Acá también han pasado cosas raras... pero no tanto ;)