Monday, October 6, 2014

Kew Gardens

The begining of the Intoxication Season at Kew Gardens with the promise of discovering the stories of the mind altering plants, along with the "final countdown" feeling that we are experimenting these days brought me and my friends to visit for the first time the wonderful Kew Gardens.

I think we are going to remember this Sunday forever, because the place was absolutely magical and we were high in happiness and fresh oxygenated air,  amazed by cactus, orchids, algae (!) and by the wild fragment tropic contained in the Prince of Wales Conservatory; surprised by the discovery that the word "canvas" comes from "cannabis", and other fun facts of other fun plants; delighted because the Thames was shinny, the people were jogging, riding, standing paddling, sunbathing or drinking along the bankside, and because afterwards we had a delicious Sunday roast with an improvised whiskey tasting and because apparently it was the last warm, sunny day of the year... and we were in the best place to enjoy it!

Yes, I'm probably exaggerating, but as the song say: if you happy and you know it, clap your hands. Days like this don't happen often enough, so this is me clapping my hands and being grateful for such amazing weather, company and location.

If you have the chance of visiting Kew Gardens, please DO IT. You'll love it.

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