Friday, December 21, 2012

The End & The Beginning

I've been waiting for this day for a couple of years now. My 'end of the world' blog, my t-shirts and my totes are living proof of that. I've always thought that the fact that we get to think and talk and go crazy because of some prophecy made more than 5000 years ago is amazing. Are we capable of making something that transcends for that long? And if so, are we actually doing it?

In the past two years I've learn a lot of things, especially that every time is the perfect time to start again, to make change happens, in your life as well as in the world. Choose any job, city, hobby, belief, mania, phobia, cause or love, choose the life you want and go live it. Yes, the end of the world makes me emotional.

The video was recorded by me and is part of a work-in-progress project started by my friend Marie. The final photo, as you can see it above, shows the beginning of the end (and in some way, also the beginning of the beginning) on my new neighborhood, just where I wanted to be for this day.

What about you? How's your end of the world coming along? x

PS. Since there's still a slightly chance that we all die in a few hours I just wanted to say that it's been a pleasure to meet/read you, and to all of you that joined me and enjoy my dear end-of-the-world journey, thanks and we will always have the end of the world.

PS 2. Lovely video from three years ago Happy New End. Via HRMD.

PS 3. Today's Londonist it's really fun. Look at the url!

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