Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Yesterday / Today

Yesterday the skies were incredibly blue and the day was cold but gorgeous! Today started with a light rain and now is pouring and altogether an awful day. Since I skipped last year's winter, apparently I forgot this season can be really so... wintery. (I'm sick. I'm allowed not to make sense).

Anyway, to avoid any more comments like the last one, I better share with you some links and call it a post.

- Apparently the Higgs Boson exists and this day will be remembered forever in the years to come as one of the greatest days for science. In The Guardian there's a minivideo about the Higgs Boson and the Higgs Fields for kids and science fans with regular brains and Science Museum's interview with Peter Higgs.

- Since is 4th of July, here's a selection of photographs of the American flag in the New Yorker. I love the Mitch Epstein one.

- Sim você fala português, pode lêr 5 histórias surreais sobre o Cemitério da Recoleta no blog do meu amigo Túlio.

- Finally, you probably all know by now, but just in case: there are two new songs by Blur, Under the Westway and The Puritan.


Túlio said...

Perfecto el portugués!!!!

German Herrera said...

quiero hablar portugues :'(

...aunque ya pronto me va a tocar el holandes, que vaina que uno no este satisfecho nunca.

also, new songs... didn't know that!