Sunday, December 11, 2011


Yesterday one of my best friends, Mabe invited me to a very special brunch for my birthday (the ideal gift because I love having breakfast) in a place in Villa Crespo called Malvón. I've already read something about it in the blog of my brazilian friend Túlio and they both were right, it was delicious, beautiful and specially plentiful. As a matter of fact the table was too small for all the food the brought us... and we ate it all :P

Thanks Mabe for this lovely Bday present! x


hila said...

I'm a breakfast gal too, I often get treated to breakfast for my birthday :)

happy birthday!

Ana said...

Thanks Hila!!!!

Breakfast is the best meal by far :)

Have a nice week! x

pierre said...

lovely world

 [christian.yamao] said...

great pictures. very nice work

Ana said...

Thanks Christian! :)