Thursday, October 6, 2011

Summer in Film (I)

There's something about film photos. About their texture, their colors, their grain, their everything. They are perfectly imperfect. There's also something about the waiting, for me specially I reckon. I usually wait a long time to develop my film pictures, not for any particular reason but my usual distraction. It takes me ages to take the reels to the photo shop, and some more ages to pick them up. In the meantime I usually forget what's on the reels, so when I finally got the photos I end up with a handful of surprises.

Some photos arrive just in time to color your day with beautiful memories. Some photos are like a delayed mini epiphany that arrive a little too late and that's part of their perfect imperfection.

Well, I said too much, except that this photos belong to the gorgeous towns of Sidmouth, Lyme Regis and Durdle Door in the wonderful West Country in England.

PS: I know that I took one too many photos of that Mr. Whippy, but come on, look at it, is the most beautiful ice-cream ever, isn't it?

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