Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cold but sunny

So I finally could have lunch with Mabe and Omar. We had Chinese for lunch and ate desert on a par, trying to get a little warm. It was a really nice afternoon. Two of my best friends, talking, laughing, and as always, deconstructing the World so we can have the chance to rebuild it all again, this time a little nicer. Good times, good friends, sunny days... June, be nice and keep 'em coming please!

PS. Miguiphone, how cute is that?


M. O'Connor said...

life can be perfect..

i'd like to follow u but i don't know how... i can't see the button!!!

So help me pleeease, help me!

A-nah! said...

I think that's a gadget I still don't have. I'll check ;)