Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sweet Weekend

Today is a beautiful autumn day in Buenos Aires. I would say almost perfect. I'm in a good mood and I didn't fail my German test (at least the failure was not as epic as I thought it might be... ich glaube und ich hoffe!). Also my mom sent me some photos from Caracas' Reading Fest, a beautiful event outdoors (that does not happen often enough in Venezuela) where everything is about books. There you can find "Las Rayas" the book of Rodrigo Blanco Calderón, its cover photo is mine... it looks so nice! I'm waiting for mine to read it, then I'll tell you everything about it, by now you just hace to judge the book by its cover... and hopefully -in this case- like it!

Enjoy some easy going music for a happy weekend, featuring: Yellow Ostrich, Two Door Cinema Club, Metronomy, Shout Out Louds, The National, Thieves Like Us, The Kills and Broken Bells.


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A-nah! said...

¡Gracias por pasar por acá y comentar Beto! Ya te visito :)