Friday, June 21, 2013

Six Months Later: Archeology

Six months ago, the world supposed to end. It didn't.

We celebrate today in the premiere of Archeology. The first movie that comes out of the collaborative project I've been working with since November.

For a month and a half (before the end of the world) we recorded 60'' videos that were uploaded to the cloud immediately after, so we can show the future generations, or the aliens, how did our world looked like.

This is an ongoing project, so we keep recording and we invite you to get involved too!

The movie will be available online in Archeology Project for a week, as well as all the last year's videos and the ones that are being upload right now: the collective memory.

Do. Get. Involved!

This can be amazing :)


PS. In the 2nd photo you can see my amazing friend Marie James, the mind (heart and soul) behind this whole project. 


Marie said...

this is a very nice post
and the pics are great !

and yes, life cab be good (when she's not a bitch)


Ana said...

Nice to see you here Mademoiselle Marie xxxx