Monday, May 20, 2013

Caribbean Blues

Last week, finally I took my films (some, very old ones) to the Lomography Shop in Spitafields Market to be developed. I mention them in what it would appear to be a sponsored post but it's not (I wish), just because I think the service it's been brilliant. The physical photos are yet to be send to my house but in the meantime they sent me a link with all my photos digitalised and ready to be downloaded to my computer or uploaded to my Lomo home. I think is awesome!

Anyway, let's start this rainy blue Monday with some memories from happier blues back in Los Roques this January.

Hope you all have a super nice week! x


Nancy said...

It's raining in Berlin,too - thank you for bringing me and my morning coffee some sunshine with these beautiful pics!

Ana said...

Yay Nancy, I'm glad you enjoyed these particularly warm blues (:

Have a nice -hopefully sunny- week!