Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Mix

I have no read in a long time in the blog, is such a shame because I love this space. I come to the blog for three reasons: to share what I think is nice and cool, things I've seen, done, read; to see what the people I follow it's been up to; and to ultimately procrastinate in what I like to believe is an inspiring way to do it.

Today I need procrastination with high doses of denial. This week has been just too weird and intense. So I'm posting photos from the past beautiful, sunny, happy days that I've had these previous weeks. And along with the pics, I like to share a post I wrote for the page of the course I'm studying. It's called Science-Reality I think you might like it, and if you are in a procrastinating mood you can have a look at what my mates from Uni are writing too.

Have a nice weekend, and remember tomorrow is the Chinese New Year, celebrations are required! :)

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German Herrera said...

oh I'll be readin you alright while I sort out the pics from amsterdam.

yes, amsterdam ^^