Monday, November 21, 2011

My Own Private Mercury Retrograde

This last couple of days had been really uneasy. My printer broke the exact instant I had to print some important stuff. I got a whole bunch of clothes damaged because of some stupid short that painted all black. Decided to uninstall the Whatsapp to update it and I never could download it again. Went to a bookstore to return a book... and forgot the book at home! None of this things qualifies as a big tragedy obviously, but just a bunch of annoying little ones.

Is someone, somewhere, trying to tell me something or am I just REALLY distracted? Where's my mind? I guess we all go thru stages like this one, right? Did this ever happen to you?


hila said...

it most definitely happens to me, it feel like the whole universe conspires against you to annoy you with a succession of little things. and then some days are just great :)

Ana said...

YES! I'm waiting for the awesome days to come and take me by surprise :)