Wednesday, April 27, 2011

World Graphic Design Day

Today is the World Graphic Design Day, or at least that's what Wikipedia and my entire Twitter timeline says.
If it's so, well happy day to all you graphic designers and if not, it's always a good excuse to post this clip of the german designer Stefan Sagmeister made specially for The Creators Project by the geniuses of Vice (I'm loving their work right now).

The Creators Project features Designers, Architects, Musicians, Directors, from all around the planet, the ones that are making things happen. As they say, this project is a celebration of creativity, culture and technology. So, there you go... have a look and enjoy!

* I removed the video because it started like really loud every time I open the blog, and it freaked me out. The direct link to Sagmeister's Creators Project video here.

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