Thursday, January 22, 2009

Following the sun till night


Pienso en esta foto de mis cables y mis pajaritos
preferidos de la vida -por lo menos los más fotografiados-
mientras me da vueltas en la cabeza
We Are The People de Empire Of The Sun.
Hoy vi el video. Muy raro. Una especie de bad peyote trip.
Igual me sigue gustando la canción.

We can remember swimming in December,
Heading for the city lights in 1975,
We share in each other,
Nearer than farther,
The scent of a lemon drips from your eyes

We are the people that rule the world.
A force running in every boy and girl,
All rejoicing in the world,
Take me now, we can try.

We lived an adventure
Love in the Summer,
Followed the sun till night
Reminiscing other times of life,
For each every other
The feeling was stronger,
The shock hit eleven – Got lost in your eyes

I can’t do well when I think you’re gonna leave me,
But I know I try,
Are you gonna leave me now,
Can’t you be believing now.

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